Frequently Asked Questions


What does a typical coaching session look like?

Coaching sessions are geared towards you as the one being coached. The conversation revolves around your wants and needs as we explore together strategies and ideas for helping you set and accomplish your goals.

What am i required to do between our coaching sessions?

Like everything else, you will get out of coaching what you put into it. Between sessions you will more than likely have a few objectives that you decided you wanted to accomplish during your coaching session. Your goal would then be to leave your coaching session and begin completing those tasks.

I don’t live around new orleans. Do you offer coaching and/or soul care other than in person?

Yes. Though many people prefer to do Coaching and Soul Care sessions in person, we have also found much success in offering these session via of Skype or FaceTime. When all else fails, the telephone also is a viable option.

I’m not sure i can afford the quoted rates. is there a sliding scale?

We always do the best we can to work within your financial means. When at all possible we try to make it work out for both us and you.

Do you have to be a certain religion to take part in soul care sessions?

No. Soul Care is designed to help you find a space to rest and reflect on your own spirituality and faith and help you to find inner peace in the midst of the chaos.

What is the difference between coaching and soul care?

While there are many similarities, there are a few major differences between coaching and soul care. Coaching is for those who are looking to set goals and make progress in particular areas of their lives whether it be weight loss, childrearing or finding a new job.

Soul Care is about learning to recognize the deeper work taking place in one’s soul through the circumstances and rhythms of life. In many ways, it is about learning to connect the dots of one’s faith (regardless of what that faith is) to one’s everyday, ordinary life.

Is soul care the same thing as therapy?

No. Therapy is designed to help a person overcome obstacles in their lives whether it be past trauma, hurts, angers, addictions, etc. Typically, a therapist will give practical steps and exercises for the client to practice.

Soul Care is about taking the things in our lives and processing them in a way that allows us to continue to experience life in the midst of them, knowing that those circumstances and obstacles are being used in our lives to shape and form us. Soul Care sessions are primarily driven by the one receiving Soul Care.