Seeds & Souls

October 2019

As a Psychology major at University, I remember well the day I learned in one of my freshman courses about the delay of gratification.  The study included placing children in a room with a cookie jar that had one cookie in it. The children were told not to open the jar or eat the cookie and if they were able to withstand the temptation for 10 minutes or so, they would then be rewarded with two cookies. Of course, these children struggled as their inner longings desired instant gratification even if it meant forfeiting an opportunity for a greater reward. To delay gratification proved nearly impossible for many of these children.


We live in a time and society that desires immediate access, quick fixes and instant results. There was once a time when people would sit around and someone would wonder aloud where the great Tom Petty was from. The group would suggest and dialogue, guess and converse. Ultimately, one in the group may know or more likely, some days later one from the group would find herself at a library looking up a biography on Tom Petty and learn from where he hails. Today, in that same group, someone in the group – if not everyone – will pull out a phone and within 4 seconds all would know that Tom Petty is from Gainesville, FL.


When we walk into a room, we turn on a light switch and viola there is light. When we have a question about the Japanese sacking Nanking, we ask Siri. When we need to know how to get from New Orleans to Pequod’s Pizza in Chicago, we go to Google maps. The way of research, the way of study, the way of practicing patience is long gone.


In many ways, it’s truly a wonderful and beautiful experience to live in a place and time when we can reach the moon, fly across the world in less than 24 hours and cure deadly diseases. And indeed, this is what we have come to understand life to be – a series of difficult problems that can be solved quite quickly and without much effort.


And so it is with our own existence. As living, breathing beings we believe that we – the creators of such amazing technological inventions and shortcuts – should be able to be grow in spirit and soul overnight. We imagine ourselves as the kind of people we want to be and become intensely angry and shameful when we wake up the next morning and we are not different, better, healed, grown up. In our time and space, we have come to view the human body, soul, mind and spirit the same way we view of light switch. Flip it and it changes.  Unlike the lamp on your nightstand however, your soul is not so easily switched or changed. Instead, souls are formed, they are nurtured, they are watered, and they are given grace and treated with mercy. Souls are beautiful because souls are alive in a way that technology and machines will never experience. Souls are ultimately not like switches at all but are instead like seeds.


Consider an acorn that falls from the branches of a 200 year old great oak. The acorn must fall to its death, be buried in the soil and wait. For days, if not months, it seems as though nothing is happening – life seems to have been snuffed out.  The rains come and soak the soil, the sun rises and warms the earth and then one day a very small sprout makes its way through the top of the soil and begins to reach towards the heavens.


So it is with the human soul. Souls are to be cared for, nurtured, watered and warmed. Sometimes souls must go through intense moments of stress and even death, but the hard work pays off, because over time, souls do grow and mature and are formed and shaped in cooperation with the world around them, the divine creator and the soul bearer.


Soul work is seed work and seed work is long, hard work. At the same time, seed work is the best kind of work a human soul could ever participate in.

The Art of Living

June 03, 2019

In a society that teaches us to find our value in what we do, how successful we are, how much power we have, how ‘together’ we are, we often find ourselves drowning in a sea of ineffectiveness, loneliness, heartache, disappointment and more. So many people today spend their whole lives worrying about tomorrow and simply forget that the point of life is to actually live it, today, here and now.

At Life Coaching and Soul Care our goal is to help you learn new rhythms and new ways of living and processing information and circumstances to allow you to actually be present to your life. Today.

We offer two separate and distinct services:

Life Coaching offers you an opportunity take your larger goals and break them down into attainable day by day goals which will in turn allow you to reach your larger goals over time without sacrificing your day to day enjoyment and love in life.

Soul Care offers you an opportunity to reflect on your spirit, mind, heart, soul (whatever you want to call it). This is about understanding how you are being shaped in character and maturity as you daily become more the person you desire to be.

In a world of go, go, go, Life Coaching and Soul Care gives you a moment in your week to slow down, breathe, reflect and work on yourself.